I4WDTA® Trainer Will Leaman

Certified Trainer

BCDS Inc., Roanoke, VA www.4x4bcds.com wleaman@4x4bcds.com, 866-638-9606

Mission critical 4x4 skills' training for military and law enforcement. Vehicle navigation, driving and recovery techniques, field-expedient vehicle repairs, vehicle preparation, trip planning, high-risk environment, tactical driving, shooting.

William Leaman serves as President of BCDS, and focuses on strategic business development for the company. Leaman holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and a certified Master Off-Road Instructor by the International Four-Wheel Drive Trainers Association (I4WDTA).

Beginning with his engineering thesis project to design and build an off-road competition vehicle, Leaman has been continuously involved in the engineering, fabrication, and operation of off-road vehicles, and has driven some of the most demanding terrain in the country.

Will Leaman

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