I4WDTA® Trainer Stephen Haughey

Certified Trainer

Xdrive Australia
Email  : info@XDrive.com.au
Web   : www.xdrive.com.au

I currently hold a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and have been training organisations and individuals, throughout Australia and Africa in Four Wheel Driving as well as Defensive Driving and Advanced Driving. I have also undertaken Skid Pan Days, Vehicle Launches and other corporate Drive Experience Days including Track Days

I am the only person currently in Australia to hold the Certified Trainer certification
from the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association

With specific reference to the Four Wheel Drive Driver Training, currently I have trained to the nationally accredited standard RIIVEH 201A for the one-day courses and RIIVEH 305A for the two-day courses.

I have also trained in units of competency and courses based on TLIC 107C, TLIC 3607B, PMASUP 236A, TDTB497B, SISODRV404A, SISODRV405, ASRODRV002B, SRODRV003B, MINMEGS312A and TDTC 2501A. Some of the above courses have been superseded by the following TLI10, TLIC3036A, PMASUP236B, TLI07, SRODRV001B, SROODR002A, SRODRV002B, and SRODRV003B.

Stephen Haughey

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