I4WDTA® Trainer Ron Parrish

Certified Trainer

Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center, Eldorado, NC.  336-906-1644

www.UORTC.com, Ron.E.Parrish@gmail.com

Ron brings 30+ years of operation and training experience to the Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center.  As a National Park Service LE Ranger/Instructor, he used a variety of platforms to conduct backcountry patrols, effect search and rescues, fight wildfires, and traverse the US National Parks.  As a Senior LE Driving Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA., he trained private, military, and government drivers in the operation of task specific vehicles.    Ron won the AMVETS-Dodge National Safe Driving Competition in 1973, and began training others shortly thereafter.  His training experience includes educating operators in a variety of specialty vehicles: including 4x4s, wildland and structural fire apparatus, motorcycles, ATVs, heavy trucks, transport equipment, boats, buses, simulators, and patrol vehicles.

Ron Parrish

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