I4WDTA® Trainer Keith Whitlow

Certified Trainer

Email: keith.whitlow@blueridgemtn.net
1830 Oak Dr.
Salem, VA. 24153

Four wheel drive skills' training including driving, recovery techniques, field-expedient vehicle repairs, vehicle preparation, trip planning, and tactical driving.

Keith Whitlow is an I4WDTA Certified Master Driving Instructor with over 25 years of off-road experience. His background includes many years as a certified master mechanic specializing in off road vehicles both in a dealership as well as his own shop. He is a Professional Firefighter and certified instructor/operator for off-road rescue vehicles with a specialty in heavy tactical rescue, including high angle and vehicle extrication. Keith is also an adjunct instructor for the Virginia Dept. of Fire Programs Aircraft Fire/Rescue simulator and has been a certified EMT for 25 years.

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