I4WDTA® Trainer Joe Ortiz

Certified Trainer on probation


Started four wheeling in 1988 with an old Jeep CJ7 and two friends with four-wheel drives. Joe explored the Florida Everglades by Tamiami Trail and Chrome Avenue, avoiding the popular mud holes to explore the remote, more interesting areas.

Joe worked at a Jeep dealer and was given a video of Mark Smith's Expedicion de Las Americas, which spiked his interest in backcountry exploration via four wheel drive even further. As time passed his admiration grew to other four-wheel drive vehicles and related events like Land Rover and Camel Trophy.

In 1992 he volunteered with his Jeep to travel into devastated Homestead, Florida to take supplies to, and gather information from, people stranded in their rural homes.

Joe has been four wheeling in the Florida Everglades, the North Carolina woods, in the Colorado Mountains, and in Arizona.

He serves as an Arizona Ranger.

Jose Ortiz

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