I4WDTA® Training for Certification

Once you have met the application requirements you will be able to attend the I4WDTA® Training for Certification Program. The Training for Certification Program is an intensive three day course that includes approximately 15 hours in the class room and approximately 15 hours in the field.

All too often candidates possess knowledge of their particular favorite brand of 4WD vehicle and /or also possess detailed knowledge of the particular types of trails they drive in their area. Although this is valuable information, as an I4WDTA® Certified Trainer, you need to be knowledgeable with a broad range of vehicle types, different vehicle 4WD systems, and different terrain types, for example.

The I4WDTA® Training for Certification Program is designed to provide candidates with this broad base of knowledge so that as an I4WDTA® Certified Instructor you are able to train customers regardless of terrain type, vehicle type, etc. This distinguishes I4WDTA® Certified Instructors from other 4WD instructors.

The purpose behind the I4WDTA® Training for Certification Program is to provide potential candidates with an in depth and broad understanding of  subjects, including but not limited to, Adult Education, Environmental Awareness, Navigation, Introduction to 4WD, 4WD Skills, 4WD Systems, Traction Aids, Vehicle Recovery, Recovery Resistance Calculations, and Trail Repair.

The significant benefit of being a member of the I4WDTA® is that you are part of a large and international group of certified 4WD trainers. The I4WDTA® has members throughout the US and also in many other parts of the world and this gives the I4WDTA® the advantage of being able to benefit from other certified trainers that have expertise with different vehicles, different terrain types, etc. This broad and international knowledge base forms the foundation of our Training for Certification Program.

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