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The I4WDTA® is the leading association of its kind and continues to set the highest standard in 4x4 driving and 4WD driver training.

The demand for 4WD driving instruction is steadily growing worldwide. Therefore the I4WDTA® provides excellence in 4WD driver training through its members worldwide.

To date I4WDTA® representative offices and certified trainers are located in USA Europe Africa Asia and Australia. In order to meet the needs of our worldwide clients we have developed the I4WDTA® TASK FORCE TEAM (ITF).

The ITF enables the I4WDTA® to deliver excellence in 4WD training on a global level right at the point where it is needed. Our maxim is to deliver the best 4WD training available

  • in house
  • in mission
  • any time
  • on demand
  • worldwide

The ITF is a profoundly flexible team of specialized trainers who are on standby for deployments also but not limited to high risk and hostile environments worldwide.

This team has been installed in reflection to the feedback from requests of our partners and clients all over the world and the need of a being able to provide a worldwide training service.

By being able to travel to military units, partners and NGO’s, often on very short notice, members of the ITF can provide these units with the driver proficiency needed to accomplish their missions.

The ITF allows personalized instruction and in depth training “in mission” and “on site”. Our teams will operate together with you to plan and create a cohesive training at in any location you want us to. What does this mean?

Our trainers and the ITF lead coordinator will develop a specific course of instruction that meets your needs based on the given terrain and actual circumstances.

ITF trainings can be provided on military or civilian training sites on base or within your deployment area. The length of our teams training and instruction is being determined by your needs. The flexibility of our ITF allows customized training and we will plan to your maximum benefit by mitigating all kinds of shortcomings being them logistical or timewise whatsoever.

Because our ITF team travels to areas where we are needed, our trainings can be tailored, lengthened or modified to suit your demands.

The I4WDTA® recommends class sizes of 10 to maximum 16 heads to effectively train every participant in depth.

The I4WDTA® standards of excellence in 4WD training along with our international background, knowledge base and the best training modules available worldwide guarantees the best education one can get .

Our profound knowhow is based on worldwide knowledge military backgrounds and scenarios on all continents, not limited to a state or country. The ITF training reflects the standards of I4WDTA® combined with the readiness to travel where you want us to have.

As a result, I4WDTA® remains to be the worldwide leading association at the front line of 4WD driver education.

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ITF Task Force Teams

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