I4WDTA® Military Driver Training

The I4WDTA® salutes those that serve their country in the military. Many of the I4WDTA® Certified Instructors are ex-military and personally appreciate the sacrifices made by those willing to serve their nation.

They have first hand experience and knowledge of conditions faced by military personnel operating 4WD vehicles in military theaters throughout the world.

The I4WDTA® is the largest association of its kind and has Certified Instructors throughout the world.

Our members are ideally suited to meet your specialized military training needs regardless of vehicle type or anticipated operational terrain types.

The experience we bring from specialized military training throughout the world is a distinct advantage to your military personnel and operational success.

This enables I4WDTA® Certified Instructors to provide you with highly specialized training geared towards your team's safety while maximizing the capabilities of your unique 4WD vehicles.

Please contact us by email to MIL(at)i4wdta.de for your I4WDTA® Specialized Military Driver Training.

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