ILT - I4WDTA® Leadership Team

The I4WDTA® is managed by an appointed Board of Directors.

Board Members are volunteers and appointed for a two year term.

I4WDTA members may nominate candidates for the I4WDTA® Board of Directors. The current Board of Directors consists of

  • Chris Cole, President
  • Dirk Nagel, Vice President Intl.
  • Tim Blaeu, Vice President PR
  • Dave Logan
  • Anne Pence


Chris Cole - President

Chris was born and raised in rural South Africa where his interest and passion in all things 4WD started at an early age.

His personal expedition travel experience, military service, academic qualifications including a graduate degree in Adult Education, teaching experience including at universities in South Africa and the USA, combined with his love of all things 4WD enables him to assist in developing the I4WDTA®.

Chris takes every opportunity to use his 4WD vehicles on trails or on longer expeditions to remote destinations.

Dirk Nagel - Vice President International

Dirk Nagel enjoyed his first Off-road experience in the mid 80's at the white sands proving grounds in Fort Bliss, TX.

Dirk has worked in the military and civilian 4WD industry in several countries throughout the world and also has multiple licenses for vehicles including heavy military and civilian trucks and tracked vehicles.

For the last two decades Dirk has traveled to remote areas in Europe and the Far East on both dual sport motor cycles and with his 4WD vehicles. Dirk guides Off-road tours and also provides beginner to advanced 4WD driver training in recreational fields and high risk environments worldwide.

As Vice President, International, Dirk's focus is expanding the I4WDTA® woldwide.

Tim Bleau - Vice President Public Relations

Tim is experienced in multiple contingencies from major combat operations to low intensity conflict, to natural and man-made disasters.

He has served and led in numerous austere environments around the world.  Retired from the Armed Forces after 28 years Tim is able to put his focus on training in 4WD offroad driving.

As a Registered Professional Nurse with extensive experience in Pre-hospital, Trauma, and Critical Care Tim has proven skills in the development and DOD institutionalization of Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

Tim is responsible for public relations of the I4WDTA® within the US.

Dave Logan

Dave Logan is certified 4WD Trainer and a Master Tread Lightly! Trainer.  He has 14 years of experience in the development and delivery of training programs.

That experience includes providing 4WD drivers training to large international corporations, U.S. government agencies, Military personnel, and recreational 4WD club members.

Dave also has his Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification.  He believes that any day spent in the outdoors is a good day.

Dave Pullen

William (Davey) Pullen began his 4WD hobby in 1987 with the purchase of a 1972 CJ-5 and began his love for 4WD adventure.

The same year he joined the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company and has held officer positions and obtained certifications in firefighting, training, driver/operator, and emergency medicine.

This passion to help others led him to the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department and the University of Maryland where he obtained his degree in Fire Protection Engineering.

Dave has used his knowledge of fire and safety to help protect local and city governments, Marriott Hotels, and now our nation's veterans.

Becoming an I4WDTA Certified Trainer was the next step in teaching his love for off-road travel to those who have his same passion.

Anne Pence

Anne Pence has volunteered to look after the administrative needs of I4WDTA®. As VP of Campa International Inc., she is involved in sales, marketing, engineering and manufacture of the Campa All Terrain Trailers.

Anne is by trade a Journeyperson Tool & Die Maker, and uses her 25 years of manufacturing expertise to contribute to the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes of Campa International Inc. and Puritas Metal Products Inc.

Anne enjoys motorcycle travel with her dog Maya, camping, and remote 4x4 travels. On the many Campa expeditions, Anne rides shotgun – mostly because the driver is so passionate about driving his 4WD's.

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