How do I become an I4WDTA® certified Trainer?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Print and fill out the Application, sign and mail it to the address on the form along with the Application fee, a copy of your First-Aid certificate, your resume, and your curriculum for a one-day 4-wheel drive class.

    Once your application has been received, processed and approved you will be informed about your current status as an ICT (I4WDTA® Candidate Trainer).

    As from the date of this notification onwards candidates enjoy a preparation period of max 12 months to prepare themselves for the written and field examinations.

    Membership dues are being charged from now on pro rata base. For said period of time Candidate Trainers are so called passive members until they become certified by the I4WDTA®.

    We will contact you and co-ordinate with whom you will need to set up an appointment to take the written and field evaluations.

  2. Fulfill the evaluation testing requirements, which includes a 200-question written exam and a stringent field evaluation.

    Your score on the written and field exercises will be combined.

    Your professional training history will be evaluated and verified.

    Your First-Aid certification will be verified. Once all of this information is confirmed, you will be notified about your membership.

    Dues will be pro-rated from November of each year. There are additional stringent requirements for Master Level certification. For more information, please contact us at

Download your Application form for citizens of the USA and Canada, Central- and Southamerica here.

European Citizens please download your application here.

Citizens of the Middle East, Far East, Australia and Oceania please download your application here.

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