How does being an I4WDTA® Certified Trainer benefit me?

The I4WDTA® is the only 4WD training association that requires stringent training and subject matter standards be met by passing written and practical examinations.

Being an I4WDTA® Certified 4WD Trainer enables one to promote environmentally responsible, safe, and skilled 4WD use.

Members are better equipped to meet the training needs of your customers.

Members receive a 350 plus page 4WD training manual that covers topics including:

  • Adult Education
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Navigation
  • Introduction to 4WD
  • 4WD Skills
  • 4WD Systems
  • Traction Aids
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Recovery Resistance Calculations
  • Trail Repair, etc.

Members have access to continuing education programs that will keep training materials and knowledge current.

Certified I4WDTA® trainers have access to the knowledge, skills and training ability of the largest association of its kind in the world.

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