The I4WDTA® Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education is critical to providing customers with the most up to date information and training. The I4WDTA® has the distinct advantage of having members throughout the world involved in all aspects of 4WD training in all types of terrain with a wide range of vehicle types and with a wide range of customers.

Our customers include private recreational groups, military Special Forces, large commercial companies, emergency management personnel, auto manufacturers and more. With our ability to network and share our knowledge our I4WDTA® Certified Trainers are not only able to expand their knowledge base, but also able to stay current with emerging technologies and equipment relevant to the 4WD industry.

In addition to our I4WDTA® Certified Trainers networking with one another, the I4WDTA® has meetings twice a year where new technologies, equipment, vehicle 4WD systems, etc. are discussed and examined. The I4WDTA® is a member of SEMA, which also helps keep our I4WDTA® Certified Trainers abreast of all types of new equipment relevant to the 4WD industry.

Our goal is to develop continuing education programs for our I4WDTA® Certified Trainers on the latest 4WD equipment and technologies available. This enables us to keep our knowledge and training up to date and thereby better serve our customers.

This pursuit of “Excellence in 4WD Training” by the I4WDTA®, including our efforts at continuing education and keeping up to date with emerging technologies and equipment, ensure that you get the best and most up to date training when you use an I4WDTA® Certified Trainer for your 4WD training.

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