I4WDTA® Candidate Trainers

To become a member of the I4WDTA® Trainers need to have verifiable experience and skills. Once your application has been received, processed and approved you will be informed about your current status as an ICT (I4WDTA® Candidate Trainer).

As from the date of this notification onwards candidates enjoy a preparation period of max 12 months to prepare themselves for the written and field examinations. Membership dues are being charged as well on pro rata base. For said period of time Candidate Trainers are so called passive members until they become certified by the I4WDTA®.

The successful certification automatically changes the status from a passive membership to an active one as a fully qualified member. The duration for the preparation period can not exceed 12 months of time and ends automatically without further notice if the test has not been passed. Afterwards trainers will need to apply for a membership again.

Current candidate Trainers:

Ernest Teague

Hendrik Bos

Steve Simpson


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