IMT - I4WDTA® Marketing Team

The I4WDTA® Marketing Team - IMT - is responsible for establishing and developing contacts to suppliers, car makes, equipment manufacturers and the related industry.

Based on their levels of experience its members elaborate oppotunities and possible fields of cooperation.

The IMT consists of

  • Kyle Buchter
  • Dr. Tejas Kothari
  • Dave Logan
  • Dirk Nagel

Kyle Buchter

Kyle Buchter is certified 4WD Trainer and has been offroad driving since the early 90's. Kyle is working in the off road industry since 99. He manages offroad parks and trains many makes and models of vehicles.

Email: Kyle.Buchter(at)

Dr Tejas Kothari

Dr. Tejas Kothari is located in India and is working hard to encourage structured learning in the field of offroading whilst encouraging safe practices. Promoting the principles of I4WDTA® as well as building the brand are his prime areas of focus in the marketing team.

Email: Tejas.Kothari(at)

Dave Logan

Dave Logan is certified 4WD Trainer and a Master Tread Lightly! Trainer. He has a 4WD related business background and years of experience in the offroad industry.

Email: Dave.Logan(at)

Dirk Nagel

Dirk Nagel is responsible for the worldwide development of the I4WDTA®. Located in Germany he is developing a number of expanding programs within the organization.

Email: Dirk.Nagel(at)

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