Facility Certification

The I4WDTA® FCP ( Facility Certification Program) has been developed to construct, build and certify training installations, Off road parks, sites and facilities worldwide.

I4WDTA® consulting teams support planning and construction of obstacle courses and track layouts.

Existing ORP and training facilities are being visited and inspected upon request.

The FCP teams verify and certify obstacle difficulty levels, the quality of infrastructure, staff and equipment, the variety of tracks and obstacles and the required experience levels for visitors.

The certification is being used as a guideline for customers to choose the best training facility. It also qualifies Offroad Parks to be nominated as an official I4WDTA® training facility where TFC's take place.

Once a facility successfully passed the tests and reached the necessarry score the I4WDTA® teams will follow up if the level is being kept during the following 2 years by unheralded inspections.

Maintaining or improving the certified quality level is precondition for any future renewal or re-certification.

If you want to learn more about the FCP pls contact us under: FCP(at)i4wdta.de

facility certification

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