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The I4WDTA® represents a world-wide group of 4WD Trainers. Experts who have the utmost experience in their specific field.

These experiences cover all kinds of terrain and conditions that one can imagine. Be it dunes in the Sahara, rock climbing in Moab, desert driving in Australia, rain forests in Asia, deep mud in the woods of Europe, or ice driving around the polar circle. This source of knowledge and local in-depth "know how" is not available from any other organization.

During daily trainings, our membersusa all kins of equipment. This way we already know if a new product works under actual situations or not.

Does a synthetic rope work in the desert? How about in minus 25 degrees C blizzard conditions?

Based on these experiences, products are recommended which we are confident in so as to provide a reliable source of information for interested customers who are choosing what to buy and use in the future.

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We do this on a neutral basis. Being independent from the industry, the I4WDTA® recommends products which we are actually using during trainings because they are tested and deemed worthy of our recommendation.

Manufacturers provide our trainers with sample equipment because we use this gear on a daily basis within real life scenarios.

In return, the I4WDTA® generates professional reports about the pros and cons of these samples. This feedback is given to the manufacturer for their consideration.

Because the I4WDTA® does not benefit from any recommendation, you can be sure to get an objective opinion.



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